Feature your own design and branding

Using SignIt you can easily use either your own personal or your company's design and logo when sending agreements and documents. This way, your customers, partners and other signatories will be greeted with your recognized brand and immediately know who the sender is.

You can also use your design on notification emails as well as on the signature and receipt page. When you use your own design, you will not only merely strengthen your own brand, but you will also create greater recognizability when your customers receive agreements for signing. The email will be from you, so to speak, and not from SignIt. Fewer people will therefore think that they have received spam when they receive an email from SignIt stating that a document is ready for signature.

This option requires either a Business Plus or Enterprise account. Feel free to contact us and hear about your options and ways to implement your design and brand.

Example of the email sent to the signer (s) when a document is ready for signature using the standard mail design.

Example of the email sent to the signer (s) when a document is ready for signature using a custom design.


In short:

  • Feature own design and brand
  • Increase visibility
  • Enhance recognizability
  • Requires Company Plus or Enterprise

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